Consumer Perceptions: Insights on North Korean Defectors’ Goods and Services in South Korea

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S/N Korean Humanities Vol.10 No.1 pp.41-64 ISSN : 2384-0668(Print)
ISSN : 2384-0692(Online)

Kim Young Ji, Jung Marianne
Kangwon National University, Comenius University Bratislava

Received July 21, 2021; Revised version received December 30, 2021; Accepted February 10, 2022


The primary objective of this study is to unveil consumer perceptions regarding goods and services offered by North Korean defectors in South Korea’s market. A comprehensive online survey involving 42 respondents, showed insights on consumer behaviours, satisfaction levels, and preferences concerning the defectors’ goods and services, shedding light on areas for improvement. While respondents highly valued the fundamental quality and prices of the goods and services, a significant number of respondents purchased North Korean food for its specific “taste” and also out of the desire to support their North Korean peers, revealing their consumer backgrounds. Personal interest was identified as a significant motivation to purchase North Korean defectors’ goods and services. However, respondents reported lower satisfaction levels with regard to packaging, design, and advertising. regard to such aspects as packaging, design, and advertising. Therefore, continual efforts in quality enhancement and strategic marketing are vital for North Korean defector businesses to strengthen their market presence and broaden their customer base, ultimately driving profitability and entrepreneurial success.

Key Words : North Korean defector business, market competitiveness, consumer perception, consumer goods images, entrepreneurship

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